Book Review: Overbite

Rating: 2 out of 5

I just finished Overbite, Meg Cabot’s sequel to Insatiable, in which she attempts to bring originality to the vampire romance world. I always imagine the two books as a direct response to the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer, but both suffer from weak female protagonists emotionally chained to their overly-possessive vampire lovers.

The plot of Overbite is pretty simple: Meena Harper knows when people are going to die and has fallen in love with Lucien Antonescu, the vampire son of Dracula. However, in order to save her fellow New Yorkers, she’s teamed up with the demon-hunting Palatine Guard and her other love interest, vampire hunter Alaric Wulf. She’s torn in this triangle as tourists are mysteriously going missing and an old ex-boyfriend-turned vampire-attacks her. The Palatine suspect that Lucien’s behind these events, but if it’s not him, who is it?

I’ve read almost every single one of Cabot’s books, both adult and YA, and although Insatiable contained some sex, this one didn’t and seemed no different from her YA series. Cabot fans will complain that Overbite does not have enough romance and drags on to get to the action. The so-called plot twists were predictable, but usually I forgive Cabot for that because her writing is so entertaining. However, Overbite felt stale and melodramatic: how many times did I need to be reminded that Lucien–Lucien Antonescu–was a vampire, the prince of darkness, and the most powerful demon in the whole wide world?

We get it, he’s strong…but that doesn’t make the guy impressive. Unlike Twilight, in which you forgive Edward for being such a jealous, stubborn boyfriend, Lucien is petty and cruel. If you weren’t rooting for Alaric before, you definitely will now. The ending of Overbite almost makes up for a lackluster beginning and middle, as well as gives the impression that there won’t be other sequels–the first time I thought, “Good, because I really wouldn’t want this to continue.”

Overall, I absolutely love Cabot’s other work (including The Princess Diaries, Queen of Babble series, Runaway series, and her newest YA novel Abandon). I know that she can do better than Insatiable, and much, much better than Overbite, so I’ll keep buying her stuff. I recommend Cabot, but unless you’re obsessed with vampires, try something else of hers.

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