Poetry: Rhymes of a Nomad

I was cleaning out my closet yesterday when I came across a book of poetry written by my great-grandfather. He was an intriguing man who traveled the world: He was a civilian POW in the Philippines during World War II, and rumor has it, he was also the first man to walk across Australia.

His book is called Rhymes of a Nomad, and I’m pretty sure I inherited some of my writing talent from him. Anyways, I thought I’d share some of my favorites:

Rarer than rich vintage, fortune or fame, 
Is the friend who knows all my faults,
But likes me just the same.

We kick against it–run away
and wander to and fro.
We have our fling, try everything; 
but always we return someday,
when nowhere else to go.

“The Way You Carry It”
Square your shoulders to the world.
It is easy to give in.
Lift your chin a little higher, 
you were made to win.
Grit your teeth, smile, don’t frown;
we must all bear our bit.
It’s not the load that burdens us down,
it’s the way we carry it.

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