Dystopian Movie News!

Yes, let's!!!

Odds are, you’ve heard that this little movie called “The Hunger Games” is coming out tomorrow. Advanced tickets have completely sold out and critics are estimating that it could make up to $150 million this weekend. I’ll be busy chaperoning for my mom’s third-grade class at the Fresno Food Fair tomorrow, but since I got my dad to read the book, we’ll be seeing it first thing Saturday morning.

Right now, I’m optimistically excited. I’m not a fan of the end of the trilogy, but I’ve been watching clips and reading interviews of the cast, and hopefully it will be worth all the hype. I’m not too thrilled with its PG-13 rating since I wanted as much authenticity to the book’s brutality, but I understand that the story’s main demographic are teenagers and an R rating would cost the producers too much money.

I’m also skeptical of massive bandwagons. I greatly enjoyed The Hunger Games, but as I’ve discussed before, my overall opinion of the series is pretty blah. Since it’s been over six months since I’ve read the series, I’m already on the hunt for the next big thing, and I’m sure I’ll be sick of all the fuss after a while, just like I am with the Twilight saga. But I’m determined to watch the film with qualified appreciation, so be sure to read my review when it comes out!

I'll be watching you watching me, Big Brother...

Another tidbit of news that was released yesterday is that Imagine Entertainment will be remaking 1984 by George Orwell! The company has teamed up with street artist Shepard Fairey, who has become famous for the Obama hope posters, so there might be some great Big Brother propaganda in the works! Of course, the internet is abuzz with talk about casting, and top favorites for Winston Smith include Gary Oldman and Michael Fassbender.

Personally, Oldman might be too old now to play Winston, but could pass for the sinister O’Brien. Fassbender has done some great work recently, and I think he could do a fantastic job in this film. I’ll have to watch the first film adaptation, actually released in 1984, which starred John Hurt and Richard Burton. But I’m super excited for a modern remake since technology today could definitely enhance the story. I read 1984 only just a few months ago, but it is already one of my favorite books of all time (Read my stellar review HERE!) Maybe this movie will get a new generation of readers to love the book as much as I do!

So will you be waiting in line at midnight tonight to root for Katniss and Peeta? Who would you cast in the new “1984” film? Or, are you sick of all these dystopian tales? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Dystopian Movie News!

  1. I have only just started reading The Hunger Games, so I’m a little behind the times, but I will go see it once I’ve read it. I am very excited to hear about that remake of 1984 though, that could be awesome if it’s done well! 😀

  2. I’m not going to the movie this weekend — opening weekend for big movies are really unappealing for me! I will be going next Wednesday night, though! Personally, I loved the trilogy and, while I have SOME mixed feelings on the ending, I enjoyed it for the most part.

    I can’t comment on 1984 — I’ve never read it. I know, I know… I’m a horrible bibliophile. 😦

    • Yeah, I hope the crowd won’t be TOO insane early Saturday morning! And I really hope you read 1984 soon, because The Hunger Games pales in comparison! It’s mindblowing, change-your-life good!!!

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  4. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about the movie–I’m completely torn on whether or not I want to see it. I think I’ll probably wait until it comes out on DVD since I hate the idea of paying so much to see a movie in the theater and I also want to be able to turn it off if it sucks.

    Also, if you’re looking for the next big thing: read Divergent if you haven’t already! Similar themes to The Hunger Games but better writing and no Twilight-esque love triangle! Wins all around!

    • Oh, I much too impatient to wait until it comes out on DVD! It’s killing me to wait one day! haha

      I’ve heard a lot about Divergent, I guess I’ll have to check it out then! Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. OKay, so tell me what you didn’t like about the end of the series. I didn’t like the 3rd book that much, either. There were too many sequences of Katniss alone in her almost-insane thoughts. District 13, then in the Capitol, then during her trial. It was too Bella Swan-ish for me. Also, part of me wanted her to rise up as this great leader, but in the end she was just humbled and broken. I mean, eventually she healed and made a life with Peeta, but it just seemed like the pain ultimately won out.

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