It’s Debut Time for Little Carrie Bradshaw!

My mom’s third graders and I have just come back from the Fresno Fairgrounds, and while they’re watching some School House Rock, I thought I’d share some news from “The Carrie Diaries” upcoming TV show.

Image via Us Magazine

It’s the first photo of AnnaSophia Robb as a teenage Carrie Bradshaw! I feel very invested in all things “Sex and the City,” and I’ll definitely check out this prequel when it comes out. Doesn’t she look fantastic?

This look is so Carrie: colorful, sparkly, girly, and topped off with an oh-so-cute pair of pointy red stilletos. I said quite a while ago that Robb would be the perfect fit for the role. She’s so charming and fresh-faced. Can’t wait to see if her acting’s just as adorable as her outfit!

So I am alone in my love for Miss Bradshaw and friends? Come on, share your thoughts! Is this show a must-see or a snooze-fest?

PS: I just finished Sophie Kinsella’s latest chick-lit novel, I’ve Got Your Number, so check back again later tonight for my review!!!

3 thoughts on “It’s Debut Time for Little Carrie Bradshaw!

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