Masterpiece Monday: Book Versus Movie (Venn Diagram Edition)

So I found this Venn diagram the other day on, and since we were discussing classic novels and their respective film adaptations yesterday, I figured you all would have plenty to say about this.

As for me, I completely agree that The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter, and One Day are better as books. However, I think that Never Let Me Go is outstanding either way, and I’d avoid Beloved in any form.

I’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who hated The Godfather, Fight Club, and The Princess Bride as movies, but I’d add that Fight Club is just as kick-ass on paper. And obviously, Harry Potter and To Kill a Mockingbird deserve to overlap both categories.

Lastly, after reading interviews of the egotistical, pompous jerk that is Nicholas Sparks, I refuse to give him any money whatsoever. I only wish I knew about his arrogance before I watched The Notebook, because I admit that it was a great movie, for being a sappy sob-fest, that is.

I haven’t read or watched most of the others, so please enlighten me with your opinions. Did this diagram get it right? What would you add? Let’s keep the debate going!

8 thoughts on “Masterpiece Monday: Book Versus Movie (Venn Diagram Edition)

  1. I haven’t seen The Princess Bride, but how is that not on the book list?! I ADORE that book – it serves as my instant bad-day fix! I’ve read it far too many times to count, and it still makes me deliriously happy.
    Also, I’m not an Atonement fan. The book or the movie. :\

    • I’m the opposite–watched it, but haven’t read it yet! Glad to know it’s just as good! And I agree, after watching Atonement, I have no desire to read the book.Thanks for commenting!

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