Blog Update

Most of you are aware that I recently accepted a new job and relocated, so my schedule has been more hectic than usual. When I started this blog a year ago, I didn’t imagine it would last, or that I would gain a large enough audience. Well, I’ve gotten great feedback from my family, friends, and followers, and because blogging is not only a fun, therapeutic de-stresser for me, but also a way to stay involved in the book community, I don’t plan on ending the party any time soon.

That being said, because I’m adjusting to working full-time and driving a long commute, maintaining a meme is no longer viable. I’ve enjoyed Masterpiece Monday, but it’s more realistic for me to devote to blogging regularly than on a fixed timeline. Fortunately, my stats show that while you guys have checked out those posts, they’re certainly not bringing the traffic that my book reviews and literary lists do.

So don’t worry, I’ll still be around, just not as consistently as I used to be. Again, my goal is at least once a week, and I’ll still be reviewing both classics and popular fiction. Next up on my list is George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and I’d love to hear what you think about that masterpiece!

Also, since I rarely get constructive criticism, feel free to share what you like or dislike about my blog, what you want to see more of and what you could do without. Any book recommendations are also appreciated. I’m here to serve you!

On a final note, thanks to everyone who reads my blog. You’ve made this past year worth it, and I look forward to keep on blogging in the future!


Book Club Babe

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