Non-Fiction Week: Life After College

Cover via Small Hands, Big Ideas

Rating: 4 out of 5

I think that it’s safe to say that only recently have people been trying to cash in on promising to relieve others’ anxiety about graduating college. Heck, most from previous generations didn’t even go to college, so life didn’t present as many transitions as it does today.

But now that the college attendance rate has been steadily climbing, young adults are experiencing an extended adolescence, especially since less than half will actually finish school in the traditional four years.

In a world of stressed-out over-achievers, nobody speaks their language like Jenny Blake, author of Life After College. Much like Christine Hassler whom I discussed yesterday, Blake has made a living as a Millennial life coach. By the time she was 25, she had snagged a job at Google, ran a marathon, bought a house, and created a blog. Her ambition drove her into the ground with exhaustion, so she decided to transform herself into a mentor for other 20-somethings.

Needless to say, I enjoy reading non-fiction books about coping with life transitions, and it was fun to compare Blake to Hassler. Hassler comes from a background in spiritual psychology, so she specializes in reaching the source of your emotional issues. Blake, on the other hand, is an expert in goal-setting, so her book offers practical, straightforward advice on getting what you want in life.

With chapters on work, money, home, organization, friends/family, dating/relationships, health, fun/relaxation, and personal growth, Life After College has exercises for everything. Along the way, you get tidbits from other college graduates via Twitter and interviews. Each chapter also contains recommended reading and inspirational quotes.

The book’s format is a huge plus, as it’s super easy to read, and has plenty of space to complete the exercises and write miscellaneous notes. Type-A folks will definitely appreciate its matter-of-fact layout and design.

As with any favorite mentor, I recommend reading Blake’s updates on (where you can download Google Doc organization templates) and following her on Twitter.

This would be a fabulous gift for a friend or relative graduating from college, as it’s a positive, useful text that doesn’t even read like others in the self-improvement genre. Think of it as your roadmap to the “real world!”

And the real world charges interest…

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