Reader Poll: A Book Club Babe First!

Hey everyone! It’s crazy how January has almost come to an end, so I thought that it would be nice to start 2014 off right by getting to know you all better! I’ve officially reached 40,000 total blog views–a minor achievement that I can’t help but celebrate! To make that number even higher, I’m always looking for new ways to cater to my followers and make Book Club Babe the best that it can be!

Thus, if you wouldn’t mind, I’ve crafted a few poll questions to learn more about you and your reading habits, as well as what you’re interested in seeing from me. Cast your votes, and I’ll be sure to take note of your preferences!

I’m open to more suggestions on how to improve this blog, so please send in your comments and recommendations! If you’re also a book blogger, feel free to hyperlink your site and share your own tips! We’re all in this together!

Thanks so much everyone!

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