101 Things in 1,001 Days (Part 3)

It’s time for my last installment of my Day Zero Project! In my previous posts, I shared the 101 things I completed in 1,001 days regarding personal development and travel, so today I’ll wrap up by revealing a few new things that I experienced!

My first category of new things involves food, because I definitely wanted to expand my horizons in that department. I made an effort to try cooking new recipes, and thanks to Pinterest, I found plenty to choose from! Click on the link to follow my “Nom Noms” board (I highly recommend the chicken lettuce wraps, garlic knots, and the chocolate chip cookie dough bars!)

I also took my first cooking class at Rachel Dunn Chocolates in Concord, CA (Not a sponsored link! I’m just a fan!). There we learned how to make several chocolate treats, including peanut butter cups, peppermint patties, and tuxedo dipped strawberries. You go home with about a pound of delicious goodies, and if you’re on Groupon, you can get the workshop half-off! Score!

Don't they look yummy?

Don’t they look yummy?

I also wanted to improve my fitness, so I had to find new ways to make exercising fun. I joined Zumba and pole-dancing classes, and tried indoor rock-climbing a couple times. I even went snowboarding for the first time last year during a trip to Lake Tahoe with friends. Sure, I spent most of the weekend falling on my butt (and was unbelievably sore for days after!), but it was a blast anyway!

At least I looked the part!

At least I looked the part!

There’s one category that I believe everyone has trouble keeping up with, and that’s entertainment. How many times have you put a movie or TV show on your bucket list after someone recommended it to you, only to re-watch one of your favs for the 46th time?

Thus, I made an effort to watch classic movies that I had never seen before: Casablanca, Cabaret, Rebel Without a Cause, An American in Paris, Roman Holiday, Some Like It Hot, and The Prince and The Showgirl.

My verdict? Most older films are difficult for me to stomach because of their antiquated views of race and gender, and what they consider “romance” often leaves me disappointed. Everybody falls in love at the drop of a hat for what seems like no good reason, and several hours later, they go their separate ways. I’d love to hear of a movie that breaks the mold, because I’ve been putting off Gone With The Wind for that exact reason. Back to my happily-ever-after rom coms!

Other new things that I did included sing Japanese-style karaoke with my girlfriends, see The Lord of the Rings in concert, and buy a lottery ticket (obviously, not a winner!). I also spent an entire day without the Internet, which I managed to schedule during NaNoWriMo so I was forced to be productive!

Lastly, the most recent new thing that I accomplished wasn’t for me, but for someone in need: I donated my hair! Yep, a few weeks ago I mailed off almost 11 inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which creates wigs for women who have lost their hair to cancer treatments.

Before and after!

Before and after!

So all in all, I may be done with my 101 things in 1,001 days, but that doesn’t mean that I’m done trying new things! Now it’s on to building my bucket list of what I want to do before I turn 30! I’ve got 1,895 days…what should I put on my list? Any suggestions?

And please also share the new things that you’ve tried recently! I’d love to hear all about them!

7 thoughts on “101 Things in 1,001 Days (Part 3)

  1. Wow you’ve been busy… My wife and I went to Japan for our anniversary back in Dec 2012. We had an amazing time… It such an interesting mix of cultures and the food was fantastic.

    I also like the hair…

    • Haha thanks Steve! Still getting used to how short it is!

      Glad to hear that you loved Japan as well! Where did you stay? I wish that I had the chance to visit other major locales like Kyoto and Osaka, but it’s not like there wasn’t plenty of stuff to do in Tokyo! 🙂

      • The trip was part of a larger trip to Asia (Vietnam, Hong Kong) so we ended up staying in two areas Roppongi and also near the Tsukiji market… I also did some snowboarding out in Nagano… that was awesome… crazy amount of snow…

  2. It looks like you’ve been living a fairly rich life. So glad to see that!
    I currently am studying like one possessed in preparation for my forthcoming senior year
    Not gonna lie, but I literally sit out there from 6am to 12pm every single day, I pretty much have lost my marbles out of it!!
    Nonetheless, it truly is a weary but interesting life though. I’m actually enjoying it while almost worn out by such a busy life.
    All in all, may your days get happier and happier~

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