Book Review: Deeply, Desperately

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Rating: 3 out of 5

It’s been over two years since I’ve read Truly, Madly, Heather Webber’s first novel of her Lucy Valentine series. Unfortunately, I was not so pleased with this sequel.

This book begins where the last left off: Lucy Valentine heads the ‘Lost Loves’ department of her father’s matchmaking business in Boston. Her dad and other Valentines can secretly see people’s colorful auras, which is how they are matched so successfully. However, after a freak accident zapped the generational gift from Cupid out of her, Lucy now has the ability to locate missing objects by touching someone’s hands.

Lucy is busy trying to find a missing woman via her lost bracelet, with the help of her private detective boyfriend Sean Donahue. She also must deal with a number of other stressful issues: a nosy reporter attempting to boost her career off Valentine scoops; a best friend determined to catch the two-timing fiancé of another friend to stop their misguided marriage; an ex of Sean’s coming down with a serious illness and threatening to tear their relationship apart.

And most concerning, Lucy must discover who’s behind sending her creepy, threatening letters. With so much at stake, can she solve all these mysteries before it’s too late?

The crime plots are all fine and dandy, engaging but never delving into the disturbing. But let’s face it, this is supposed to be a romance novel, and you know what it’s lacking? Romance!

I’m sick and tired of Lucy blaming all her relationship problems on ‘Cupid’s Curse,’ a baloney notion that the Valentines can find love for anyone but themselves. It’s just an excuse to interrupt her and Sean from getting busy.

There are way too many moments of sexual tension that never find any release. A phone ringing, a door knocking, all these are eye-rolling for the experienced reader. It should be a cardinal rule that the longer you make your audience wait for a love scene, the sexier that scene should be.

Instead, Webber commits the ultimate sin by dangling sex like a carrot, only to cut to black when it finally happens. WTF?! This book was published in 2010, not 1910. Ending a love scene by jumping to the morning after is absolutely unacceptable. Romance novel readers are anything but prudes, so if you want us to keep reading, you go big or go home!

I normally wouldn’t continue a series like this but unfortunately I bought all the sequels at once. Would you feel obligated to see the story to its end, no matter how unsatisfactory, or should I just toss them unread in the donate pile? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I should mention that I’ll be out next week on vacation, but I’ll be back on Monday, Sept. 15 for my birthday! I’ve got a special blog planned, so stay tuned!

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