Book Review: Absolutely, Positively

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Rating: 3 out of 5

I’ve finished yet another sequel of Heather Webber’s Lucy Valentine novels, Absolutely, Positively. This third installment of this romance series follows Lucy, a woman with the psychic ability to locate missing objects, and Sean Donahue, her private investigator boyfriend.

Working for Lost Loves, Inc., a department within the larger Valentine matchmaking company, Lucy and Sean often get roped into crime cases. Their latest client Meaghan Archibald desperately wants to reunite with her childhood love, Tristan Rourke, who also happens to be a wanted art thief.

Simultaneously, a woman is searching for her father, who is rumored to have committed suicide after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. And then there’s the mysterious Lone Ranger, a man who has taken Boston by storm by throwing stashes of cash wherever he goes.

As if these three situations weren’t difficult enough to solve, Lucy also has to establish a relationship with her recently reunited half-brother, keep her prying reporter friend Preston from discovering her family’s secrets, and decide whether she’s ready to shack up with Sean! No wonder she’s exhausted!

Unfortunately, I too am growing tired of these books. Sure, the story is cute, but let’s face it–nobody reads romances for cute. There’s not nearly enough passion to keep my attention. As I stated in my review of Deeply, Desperately, I already own the next sequel, but I got some other books for my birthday that I’d rather read. Looks like Webber is getting put on the back-burner for a while.

So what is everyone else reading? Any good recommendations?

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