Top Ten Literary Characters I’d Like to Check in With

Image via The Broke and the Bookish

Have you ever wondered what certain literary characters are up to nowadays? How did their lives turn out after they conquered that villain or got married? Even when we get to “The End,” we know that it’s only the beginning for the stories we don’t get the privilege to read.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, discusses which literary characters we’d most like to check in with. It’s like when you run into someone from school you haven’t talked to in forever, and you both agree to grab coffee sometime, but you never do, because let’s face it, neither of you is really that interested. Instead, in this case, you genuinely care what these characters have been doing all this time!

To get right to it, here are the top ten literary characters I’d like to check in with:

Ladies Bouncing Back from Bad Situations



1. Daisy from The Great Gatsby
2. Jane from Jane Eyre
3. Medea from Euripides’ Medea
4. Violet from A Series of Unfortunate Events

Happily Ever After?


5. The All-American Girls
6. Mia from The Princess Diaries
7. Lyra and Will from His Dark Materials

Growing Up in Their Golden Ages

8. The Ringbearers from The Lord of the Rings

9. Artemis from Artemis Fowl

10. The students of Hogwarts from Harry Potter

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Literary Characters I’d Like to Check in With

  1. Nice choices, and I like your categories! I loved Lyra and Will so much, and really wish Phlip Pullman would write more about them! I have the Hogwarts gang on my list too. 🙂

  2. The American Girls!! Wow, I never would have thought of that. Those are definitely thought provoking! Violet as well; I know I read that series a long time ago, but I can’t remember if I read all the books in the series or just all the books that my cousins happened to have at the time. In any case, I can’t remember much about them except when Olaf(?) tries to force Violet to marry him so he’ll have access to the kids’ fortune, but she signs with her left hand so her signature isn’t valid because it has to be “in her own hand.” Such a great series! Another one I’ll have to buy for my brother and sister soon in my role as much-older sister/fairy book-mother 😀

    • Haha yeah my favorite part about Violet was that she always put her hair up when she concentrated. I always think of her when I do the same! I’d like to imagine the Baudelaires finally got to experience some very fortunate events for once!

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