Breaking News! I’m starting a book club IRL!

Hi everyone!

Just checking in to share some exciting news! After running this blog for almost four years, I’m finally taking Book Club Babe to the streets! I have always wanted to join a book club, but since I was often frustrated with common book selections, I figured that I might as well start my own!

If you’re a young woman in the San Jose, CA, area and would like to join, hop on over to and become a member of San Jose Girlfriends 25-35. I recently joined this meetup after moving to the South Bay for my new job and loved how fun these ladies were. There is always something being planned, including bowling, fitness, happy hours, movie nights, and more!

My club is a smaller group within this larger meetup. The first Book Club Babes meeting is on Tuesday, where we will discuss our favorite genres, authors, and books. I want this book club to be interactive, so I’m taking everyone’s recommendations. Then, each month a different book (either fiction or non-fiction) will be selected and reviewed.

What does this mean for my online followers? You can still join the merriment! Let’s get this book club off to a good start, so please share your suggestions in the comments! I’ll be giving you monthly updates about what we’re reading, in case you’d like to follow along.

I’m so excited to share my love of reading while making some awesome new friends! Tell me, if you were in a book club, what would you want to read? I want to hear your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Breaking News! I’m starting a book club IRL!

  1. Jealous! We tried to start a “Resident Ladies of DENTAC” book club back at our previous duty station, but it didn’t start until April and all the residents are graduating this week…so it didn’t last very long. It’s so tough to find books that everyone is willing to read, too. The one meeting I was able to attend—which ended up being the one that I hosted—only had three of us and only I had finished the book…I hope you have better luck than I did!!

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