I’m a New Mother of Twins!!!

On Sunday, July 5th, I brought home the two most adorable twins I’ve ever seen. They were a bit fussy on the three-hour road trip back to the bay but fortunately slept most of the way. Since then, I’ve become perpetually exhausted as they keep me up at night and cry for attention during the day. But I just look them in the eyes, and I can’t help but snuggle them into oblivion.

Oh, did I mention that they’re cats?

And they're all mine :)

And they’re all mine 🙂

That’s right! As much as I’d like to think that I fooled you with my click-bait, people who know me understand that I’m not at all interested in having human babies. In fact, I’ve reviewed many books on this blog that speak to the childfree lifestyle, including All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior, Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed by Meghan Daum, and I Can Barely Take Care of Myself by Jen Kirkman.

However, those who are close to me also know that I have been obsessed with adopting cats for as long as I could spell the word. I grew up in a no-cats-allowed household due to my father’s deep dislike of them, and while I certainly loved the two family dogs we had with every fiber of my being, I always wished for pets of the feline variety.

If you’re wondering, “Alyssa, you’ve been out of your parents’ house for three years now, what’s taken you so damn long?” then I will address your question, you very shrewd reader. It’s simply due to the fact that I’ve moved three times and had three different jobs since being out on my own, jobs which required frequent travel or insanely long commutes.

Now that I’m settled in my new position of two months, the universe has finally agreed with the timing and presented the perfect opportunity. It just so happened that my brother’s girlfriend took in a pregnant cat which had her litter at the end of April.

Determined to save a life from a prison sentence at the pound, I signed up to adopt one of the six kittens. Then after determining that cats need playmates while their owner goes to work, I promptly decided to adopt two instead. After all, it’s so much easier to get a pair than it is to introduce a new cat years later into a one-cat home.

I started researching how to raise cats by reading books and online articles, as well as consuming every Jackson Galaxy video I could get my hands on. And of course, I bought a ton of pet supplies, soon discovering that Amazon is the best place to score good deals, hands-down. A $200 cat tree discounted to only $75? Don’t mind if I do!

My cats are the definition of spoiled!

My cats are the definition of spoiled!

If you think that I’m the epitome of the crazy cat lady, then just wait, because I haven’t even started yet. The week before I picked up the kittens I hosted a fur-baby shower with my closest friends. Hey, who said only pregnant ladies get to have all the fun?! I was preparing for their imminent arrival, or ‘nesting’ if you will, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to celebrate this momentous occasion!

True friends make photobooth props out of cat memes

True friends make photobooth props out of cat memes

And to top it off, as a self-proclaimed book nerd, I just had to give them literary names! One of the countless advantages that fur babies have to actual babies is that no one judges you if you give them strange namesakes. Thus, my baby boy is Pippin and my little girl is Lyra, in honor of characters from The Lord of the Rings and His Dark Materials respectively.

They definitely take after their fantasy counterparts. Pippin is a charmer who always makes me laugh, and Lyra has an adventurous spirit and likes to explore every inch of my apartment. They’re now 13 weeks old and completely inseparable. They may drive me insane waking me at 6:00am and bothering me while I eat dinner, but cuddling with them makes my heart melt.

Well, I hope that you love my kittens as much as I do! I’ll be sure to provide you with updates every now and then as they grow up! Lyra and Pippin are now the official mascots of Book Club Babe!

Sneak peek of the next book I'm reviewing!

Sneak peek of the next book I’m reviewing!

13 thoughts on “I’m a New Mother of Twins!!!

  1. Wow, you totally got me with that header! Congrats, and enjoy! Those little kitties look like they’re going to be very spoiled indeed. 🙂 Cute!

  2. Congrats! I love the names you chose. I’m also happy to see you chose black kitties. I’m told they are less likely to be adopted. My black kitty, Jack, and my white kitty, Lily, thank you for saving two more lives. Have fun watching your babies grow!

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