My 2015 Goals Update…and Some Exciting News!

We have less than five months left in 2015, so when I look back to my top ten goals for the year, I wonder…how’s my progress so far?

1. Read 20 more books. I’m making fantastic headway into my annual reading quota, since I’m already on my 15th book of the year. According to Goodreads, I’m two books ahead of schedule. Right on!

2. Read more fan-favorite romance novels. I’ve completed Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me, but unfortunately I’ve been distracted by other genre at the moment. I’ve received some wonderful recommendations, however, so I hope to cross a couple more off my list before 2016!

3. Read more classic literature. My progress toward this goal is pretty dismal, to be honest, considering that I started Beowulf months ago and put it on pause for less dense reading. But I will definitely finish it…eventually.

4. Reach 65,000 total blog views. I’ve blown this goal out of the water by already reaching my stretch goal of 70,000 total blog views! I don’t post as often as I used to but I’m grateful for all my supportive followers for sticking with me!

5. Create more vlogs. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to vlog since I discussed my favorite books of 2014, but I plan on producing another video in late September. After finding my brother Nick Jarrett some significant freelance work, I believe that he owes me a favor!

6. Research monetization. I haven’t made a single ounce of progress on this goal, but I’m not ashamed. I never went into blogging to make money, so it doesn’t bother me one bit. When I’m ready to take this blog to the next level, I will.

7. Make significant progress on my novel. I haven’t made a single ounce of progress on this goal either, but this time, I’m deeply ashamed. Sure, I struggled through a stressful job transition and relocation recently, but there’s no excuse. Bad Book Club Babe, very very bad.

8. Improve during NaNoWriMo. Can’t fail at a goal that hasn’t even started yet! Is it weird to be freaking out over something that’s months away? I swear NaNoWriMo will give me PTSD, but it will be worth it!

9. Attend more write-ins. Technically, write-ins occur throughout the year, not just during NaNoWriMo–or so I hear, since I haven’t attended any in 2015. However, a friend of mine sent me information about my local Shut Up and Write! chapter, so that might be the motivation I need.

10. Attend more book signings. I know that this year will be epic when it comes to this goal. I’ve already met one of my heroes, Kazuo Ishiguro, and today I bought tickets to see another of my absolute favorite authors…

Drumroll please…


The woman who needs no introduction

I will share all the details tomorrow, but I just wanted to say that even though I’m not making as much progress with my goals as I would like, the fact that in a couple months I will be in the same room as Margaret Atwood means I already declare 2015 a major success!

Stay tuned for more info!

3 thoughts on “My 2015 Goals Update…and Some Exciting News!

  1. That’s something I need to do, attend more book signings! I guess it’s hard now I’m living in a country that doesn’t have so many English writers…(although I do like some Swedish writers, but obviously they’re translated because my Svenska is still appalling!). I’ve been to a few lectures from writers though, particularly in previous Sydney Writers Festivals that I had been to before I left – I think Carlos Ruiz Zafon may be the biggest I have seen talk. He was cool too, ridiculously chilled out. OH I lie I saw Jon Ronson too (The Men Who Stare At Goats, The Psychopath Test, etc).
    I unofficially share some of your reading goals (reading more classics, reading more…in general), and I’m drastically behind but I have been thinking of a way to mend this. I think (still in early stages here) I might read every single one of Shakespeare’s plays, and review each one. I mean I’ll probably add stuff to the reviews, like any productions I know of that are worth seeing and so on, but it would be a fun way to boost my blogging and reading (I mean…that’s 37 books and I’m going to count it as 37 dammit). But I do wonder if I’m just stark raving mad right now.
    Anyway I’m rambling! You are doing awesome with your goals and should be proud! And don’t worry, come November I’ll nag you lots if it helps! 🙂

    • I share your goal of completing all of Shakespeare’s work! I made quite a bit of progress in school since I’ve already read all of his sonnets, as well as Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, Troilus and Cressida, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, and Julius Caesar, but I haven’t yet read any of his comedies. But I would definitely count them all separately too!

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