Spring Cleaning Poll!

I have been spring cleaning like crazy this weekend, which means making the harrowing decision of which books to keep and which ones to get rid of. Very few times is it an easy choice, usually when the books were mediocre (goodbye Matched trilogy!). But too often it feels like giving up your own children.

All in all, 14 books got the ax, and I donated them to my local library. Many of them were old books of comic strips, so it felt nice knowing other children could enjoy them like I did.

I still prefer physical books and since I don’t own an e-reader, I make it a ritual to regularly go through my collection and thin the herd. Otherwise, they’ll just end up stacked everywhere, and the disorganization would drive me batty!

I do the same for my clothing, as I dropped off three full bags at Goodwill today. But let’s face it, if books are my children, then my clothes are mere godchildren. I’m much less sentimental toward them, and considering the wear and tear they go through, it’s pretty easy to let them go. (Note: this is probably why no one asks me to be the guardian of their kids! Lol)

Jokes aside, I thought that this would be a good chance to ask about your own spring cleaning! Answer the poll questions, and provide more details in the comments!


Reader Poll: A Book Club Babe First!

Hey everyone! It’s crazy how January has almost come to an end, so I thought that it would be nice to start 2014 off right by getting to know you all better! I’ve officially reached 40,000 total blog views–a minor achievement that I can’t help but celebrate! To make that number even higher, I’m always looking for new ways to cater to my followers and make Book Club Babe the best that it can be!

Thus, if you wouldn’t mind, I’ve crafted a few poll questions to learn more about you and your reading habits, as well as what you’re interested in seeing from me. Cast your votes, and I’ll be sure to take note of your preferences!

I’m open to more suggestions on how to improve this blog, so please send in your comments and recommendations! If you’re also a book blogger, feel free to hyperlink your site and share your own tips! We’re all in this together!

Thanks so much everyone!