Concert Review: LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring

All photos taken by me

Rating: 5 out of 5

So last night a dream of mine came true: I got to attend “The Lord of the Rings in Concert,” a special event celebrating the 10-year anniversary of “The Fellowship of the Ring.”

For those unfamiliar with this tour, it started on the West Coast Oct. 12. The movie is projected on a 60 ft. high-definition screen, with the orchestra seated below recreating Howard Shore’s musical composition.

The Fresno Bee reported, “About 220 traveling musicians are featured in the show, including members of the Munich Symphony, two choirs – the Pacific Chorale and the Phoenix Boys Choir – along with soloist Kaitlyn Lusk and a contingent of folk musicians and soloists. Ludwig Wicki conducts.”

What’s unique about this concert is that although you can hear the dialogue and sound effects, the film is also subtitled because oftentimes the music’s louder than the other audio.

Another awesome part of the show was a collection of movie props belonging to private collector Troika Brodsky. My photos aren’t the best quality due to the masses parading around the displays.

Props include Gimli's and Sauron's helmets

Various helmets and hobbit feet

Full Ringwraith costume, complete with sword!

Lurtz, the Uruk-Hai who killed Boromir

The musical performance itself was exquisite. It wasn’t a complete copy of Shore’s work, but it paid tribute to it with appreciation and respect. The Irish flutes were uplifting, the battle marches were powerful, and the choral singing was moving.

I especially enjoyed Kaitlyn Lusk as the soloist who sang Enya’s songs “Aniron” and “May It Be.” She looked stunning in her purple gown, and her singing was just beautiful. Easily my favorite performances of the night!

We had excellent seats on the floor, right in the center. It lasted from 7:30-11 pm, with about a 30 minute intermission after the Council of Elrond. I loved every minute of it, and I highly recommend the show to any LOTR fanatic like myself. I cannot wait to see “The Two Towers” next year and “The Return of the King” in 2013!