Happy Friday! Here’s some bookshelf porn to celebrate!

I bet that title got you to pay attention!

Some people may find Pinterest a time-suck for only select demographics: women with ’90s nostalgia planning their mason-jar-obsessed barn wedding, fitness junkies with their “thinspiration” boards, or beauty fanatics pinning crazy nail art and ombre highlights.

Yes, we (almost 70% female) are on Pinterest looking at meals we’ll never make, places we’ll never go, and houses we’ll never afford. The social network is the ultimate 21st century dream board.

And although my job has shifted my priorities where they belong–more working and less pinning–I still love dropping by the site every now and then. I even recently converted my account from personal to professional, so please check out my Book Club Babe board!

Today, I’d like to share pictures from my favorite board, aptly named Bookshelf Porn. Every book lover fantasizes about their perfect library, with shelves packed from ceiling to floor. So without further ado, admire these wonders!

Library in the Loft

Spiral Staircase

Lines and Curves

Floating Shelves

And, of course, the secret bathroom so you never have to leave your library!

Please follow the links to the rest of the 50 pins on my Bookshelf Porn Pinterest board (don’t forget to repin if you’re a user too!), and post pics of your favorite libraries in the comments!

Have a great weekend everybody!