Calling all bloggers! I need homework help!

So my first week of school has finished, and my professor loved the idea that my friend/colleague  and I had for our independent study. We want to create a print magazine about social media, but we’re still in the brainstorming stage. We need to narrow down the topic a bit, by having a certain theme for this debut issue.

I’d like to structure it like any other women’s magazine, possibly with an upside-down structure, one side covering the good aspects of social media, and the other side covering the evil. Social media includes social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, as well as blogging/micro-blogging sites like WordPress, Blogger, and Twitter.

Here’s some possible ideas:


  1. Connecting with friends and family
  2. Long distance relationships
  3. 24 hour news access
  4. Networking and job searching
  5. Expanding start-up businesses
  6. Sharing niche interests
  1. Social networking narcissism
  2. Cyber-bullying
  3. Stress and depression over upkeeping profile and friends lists
  4. Lack of interpersonal communication
  5. Intruding advertisements
  6. Stalking and addiction

Throw out ideas if you have them, as well as topics you’d like to be covered in a social media magazine, because I’m sure I left a lot out! We’ll also be conducting interviews, so if you’d like to volunteer and get the word out about your blog or business, let me know!